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Group Projects Are The Best

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My college years were insane. I really don’t know how I survived, but it was the time of my life. I barely remember anything I learned in class but I damn sure got the most important life lessons. College is like a hormone fueled free for all. Anything goes. I thought I was sexually experienced by the time I graduated high school but I was definitely up for some higher learning.

I had this one class, I honestly can’t even remember what it was, but we had to do a group project. We all decided to take a night off partying and get together to work on it. Things started out normal enough, but then we decided to have a couple drinks, just to make the studying easier. It wasn’t long before clothes were coming off and everyone was just going at it. I don’t even remember how it started. I just know it was the best study group I’d ever been a part of. Right now you can find discounts to college fuck parties and relive all the crazy times.

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